I don't even know what to call this / by Kailee Haong

Wake up, America.  

We are living in an absolute hell-hole. 

In high school and college I've read the following classic dystopian novels: 1984, Lord of the Flies, The Handmaid's Tale, Brave New World, The Road, Fahrenheit 451, A Clockwork Orange, The Trial, and probably more I'm not thinking of. 

None of these books could have prepared me for the nightmare we're waking up to each and every morning.  

I have good days. Don't get me wrong. I have a good meal or work isn't stressful or I meet someone interesting or the weather isn't too hot. But none of those things can cover up the fact that our country is a rotting, dying, cesspool of disease right now, all thanks to our mighty cheeto in chief. Once again, as before, and always, #notmyFUCKINGpresident.  

Sorry for the profanity. I'm just at a complete loss.  

The events in Charlottesville are absolutely disgusting. I can't even wrap my head around it. Apologies in advance if my thoughts just aren't poignant enough to talk about this. 

White supremacy is a complete joke. America was NEVER white. How can you return to something that simply never was? Y'all came over here, pillaged the people who rightfully owned this place, and then called it white. Tell me how that's fair.

My eyes are rolled so far into the back of my head I don't think I'll be able to get them out. 

You know what's happening in NC? Hate. Pure and simple as that. Not free speech. Not "protecting a monument." It's blatant hate and racism. If I had a dollar for every white guy in a polo at that RIOT (it was not a rally by any means. Don't call it such), I'd be rich. This all sucks. Perhaps what's even more disgusting, however, is that the person in charge of this county did not even condemn the actions of these individuals. Hard to condemn someone who looks, talks, thinks, and acts like you, isn't it? It's pathetic. 

To everyone in power: blanket statements DO NOT WORK. Trying doing something real for once instead of hitting you automated "oops, shit happened," button on Twitter and crafting some elementary, "catch-all" statement that doesn't require any effort or empathy whatsoever. 

I marched for so much more than just women back in January. I'm beyond pissed off that it has been almost 7 months and not a damn thing has changed.  

A quote, for whatever it's worth.

It is our duty to fight for our freedom.
It is our duty to win.
We must love each other and support each other.
We have nothing to lose but our chains.
— Assata Shakur