To pee or not to pee: The ignorance and bigotry behind transphobia by Kailee Haong

If I see or hear another comment opposing a human being’s right to use the restroom they identify with, I might explode.

Recently, Obama passed an initiative for all public schools which allows students to use whichever bathroom matches their gender identity (for those of you who need to know, because I know there are some of you I’m friends with on Facebook who are completely unaware, gender identity and biological sex are not the same thing). I was thrilled hearing about this! Finally, let kids pee in peace, that’s all they were ever asking for in the first place. Obama put it nicely in an interview, stating: "They are vulnerable, and I think it’s part of our obligation as a society to make sure everybody is treated fairly, and our kids are all loved and protected, and that their dignity is affirmed.”

Doesn’t this seem nice and logical? Where’s the issue?

The issue is in the fact that eleven states now have sued the Obama administration for enacting this. I’m not sure what kind of world we live in if we’re suing people who are only trying to help bring justice and equality for every living person. It’s quite frankly sad and disgusting.

Let’s take a look at some of the “reasons” why people are so opposed to something so fundamentally basic and simple (for fun, I pulled DIRECT comments off of Facebook so you can really see what our good ol’ American brothers and sisters are posting on the internet. I'm serious, these are legitimate, real things people posted. On the internet. For everyone to see. Spoiler: it’s a whole lot of bigotry and idiocy):

1.     Ruth says, “my biggest concern is men pretending to be transgender to get into the ladies bathrooms. Not safe for kids in bathrooms alone.” Hey, Ruth. Hate to break it to you, but that’s not the meaning of transgender.

2.     Mary says, “right on .all of this is bull**** for sick man woman???what to hell are they?” Aside from the horrendous punctuation, horrid grammar, and terrible social awareness, Mary has no argument whatsoever. (I copied this word for incorrect word, and it hurt me to type this way. I’m abhorred).

3.     Genelea says, “you can make a sandwich put everything on it that you would put on a sandwich and then put frosting on it and what do you have just a sandwich with frosting on it the point I’m making is no matter what you put on to wear it doesn’t change who or what you are you are still the same just wearing women or men clothes you are what god made you so stop trying to be something your not.” Genelea didn’t learn about run on sentences in school, but that doesn’t stop her from spewing her opinion and comparing humans to sandwiches. Some people just don’t seem to get it.

4.     Kelli says, “anyone is welcome to enter a bathroom with me, my child and my gun!” I guess Americans have stooped so low that they’d shoot a person who needed to pee. That is pretty sad.

5.     Steve says, “So, if I self identify as a millionaire, can I go to the bank and get a couple of million for the weekend?” I wish, Steve, I wish. But the biggest issue here is that people are stating that transgender people are basically like shape shifters and they’re just deciding to be one sex one day and the opposite sex the next day—and that’s not how it works. Steve, educate yourself, buddy. You’re making everyone look bad.

I think those are enough terribly ignorant comments to make the point. Everyone’s screaming about the safety of the kids! The kids! The kids! And yet we have parents not paying attention and letting their children fall into gorilla habitats at the zoo? This is complete and utter madness, people.

Here’s an idea: let’s just let people go to the bathroom they’re comfortable in and stop worrying about issues that don’t involve ourselves.

Here’s another idea: it’s not legal to discriminate someone based on their sexual or gender identity, so let’s just stop doing that, too.

Be pro-human! Life’s more fun when you’re accepting and not grumpy and ignorant all the time!

*****To all of my Spokane friends, recently someone really cool made the Spokane Trans* Map, which highlights trans* friendly and non-friendly places to either go to, or avoid. Check it out here!