it's tough

Musings from an almost-adult by Kailee Haong

My name is Kailee and I’m a senior in college.

Yes, I’m 21. Yes, in the eyes of the law and our good ol’ country of the United States, I am, in all means, an adult. But am I really?

For purposes you will later come to understand, here is a list of things I definitely know how to do at the ripe age I currently sit at:

·      Cooking things with three or less instruction steps

·      Binge-watching HGTV like a white suburban housewife  

·      The best and worst times to post a photo on social media

·      The exact timing to mobile-order my Starbucks and the precise moment I need to then leave my house to have the least amount of human interaction possible

·      How to pack a damn-good suitcase (thanks, study abroad)

·      Skim news articles for the important parts

On the contrary, here’s a list of important things I have no clue how to do that are required for full-on adulting:

·      Taxes

·      What is an IRA????

·      How do you change a tire (or anything car related, for that matter)

·      Scheduling appointments via the phone

·      How to dress business casual? Slacks? Skirts? Dresses? Pants???? Oh, the ambiguity of being a woman in a professional atmosphere 

I’ll give myself a little credit, though. After all, I did finally memorize my social security number (thanks mom for all of the prodding). I’m not even a real real adult yet and I’ve already decided that adulthood is not for me. Because who really wants to leave the beautifully sheltered life of college to enter a world of a 9-to-5 job, 401ks, and making your own dentist appointments? I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t sound all too appealing to me. A warning to all you kids out there: DON’T GROW UP. JUST DON’T DO IT.  

A photo of me working while sick and wanting to be asleep instead??? Also thanks, Tally, for this lovely candid showing my true form.

A photo of me working while sick and wanting to be asleep instead??? Also thanks, Tally, for this lovely candid showing my true form.

I won’t totally obliterate adulthood, however. I’m excited to go to grad school someday (if I can afford it, that is). I’m excited to decorate my own house someday and put my countless hours of HGTV home improvement skills to the test. Hell, I’m even excited to have some tiny versions of me running around someday, as much as I used to cringe at the idea of children.

I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that nothing’s really going to prepare you for adulthood. It kind-of, sort-of just slaps you in the face, and the best thing you can do is learn to roll with that.  

So. Until graduation, I’m going to live up getting my free copies of the Times in College Hall. I’m going to enjoy having only a couple classes a day and not a full-time job. I’m going to love being in an environment with people my age, who understand things people my age understand (only some offense to the people in my office who type “Google” into the search bar rather than just searching what they were trying to search for). I’ll love my freedom and lack of structure, and ability to spend money on Starbucks every single day. I’ll love every last moment of my college career because I KNOW this is a once-in-a-lifetime deal, and it’s insane to me that it’s almost over.

Follow my journey through my last year in fantasy world as I blog about the vicissitudes of being a college senior. Until my next post!


With love,

An almost-adult.