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Writing Workshops

Are you interested in setting up a writing workshop for your writing group/school program/other literary function? I have led many writing workshops in various creative writing subjects. We can discuss what you’re looking for in a workshop, how you want it structured, what topics you’d like covered, etc. I’m flexible and willing to mold lesson plans to fit your needs.


One of my favorite things to teach is the art of storytelling. This can be done as a workshop, or as a team building activity. I usually begin with a brief history of storytelling, then dive into a number of different methods of how to “tell your story,” and then (depending on the situation) the participants will share their stories with everyone. I’ve found this to be successful in getting folks to open up, connect with others, and learn valuable tools for being able to tell their own life stories.


With over five years of experience working on newspapers and literary magazines, I can quickly and confidently copy edit all kinds of work. Whether you need a second eye on a cover letter, story, essay, assignment, etc., I can tackle it.